We have over 100 different cutting molds, here are some common size:
Poker Cards: 62*87mm, 63*88mm, 63.5*88.9mm.
Bridge Cards: 56.5*86.5mm, 57*87mm.
Tarot Cards: 69*120mm, 64*120mm, 69*126mm, 69.5*116.5mm, 68*100mm,
Oracle Cards: 89*146mm, 100*150mm
Square Cards: 75*75mm, 80*80mm, 90*90mm.
Magic Cards: Long/short: 62.7*86.7/87.7mm, 56.1*84.1/86.1mm, Wide/narrow: 55.3/56.3*88mm, 62/63*88mm.
Mini Cards: 45*60mm, 45*68mm.
Other Cards Size: 50*80mm, 52.7*88.7mm, 54*86mm, 59*91mm, 70*100mm, 70*105mm, 70*110mm, 89*119mm, 88*117mm, 85*130mm.
Custom card size also acceptable, the mold costs $200 to $450, it depends on the size of the cards.
Note: all cards have rounded corners, around 2.5-4mm. The smallest rounded corners: 0.5mm.

280gsm grey core cardstock, sheets size: 660*895mm or 710*905mm, promotion quality.
285gsm blue core cardstock, sheets size: 720*910mm, 660*900mm, 545mm width web, retail quality.
300gsm or 350gsm art, sheet size: 660*896mm, 730*940mm.
310gsm Chinese black core, sheet size: 605*560mm or 545*650mm.
1-3mm thickness rigid cardboard for flash cards, memo games and game boards.
310gsm Germany black core cardstock, sheet size: 600*565mm or 545*650mm.
250gsm to 350gsm C1S cardstock for the box.
128gsm, 157gsm, 180gsm art paper for rigid box cover.
800gsm, 1000gsm, 1200gsm greyboard for rigid box.
You also can send your requirements to info@suntree.asia.

Create/output the PDF as a high resolution and high-quality file. Make sure that all graphics are either grayscale or CMYK images. Make sure that the black type is really black and not made up of RGB or CMYK. If the document contains drop shadows or uses transparency, then the file needs to be “flattened”. Our Prepress Department can work with you and explain how to do that. It is unnecessary to use trim marks or a color bar when outputting the file, just make sure if the document bleeds, make sure there are bleeds in the file.

No, not necessarily. Every monitor is different and the same file will look different on each. This is also true with Digital output. The file may look one way on your monitor but after the file is processed through the DFE where the image is “ripped” (or rasterized). When the color is not a solid cyan, magenta, yellow or black digital printing is made of dots of those colors to make all other colors.

When designing digital files intended for commercial offset printing, it is essential that all of the photographs and images in your files are at least 300 dots per inch (DPI). If you have ever seen printed material that contains blurry or blocky images, it was likely caused by incorporating low-resolution images. Ensuring a high quality printed job is as simple as making sure all photos and images in your digital files are all high resolution.

All artwork design programs allow you to resize an image you are working on, but it’s important to understand why simply resizing a low-resolution image will not produce a true high-resolution image. When you resize and make a low-resolution image larger to meet the commercial printing specifications of 300DPI, all you are really doing is stretching the image. The technical term is called either resampling or interpolation. Since high-resolution images are based upon the number of pixels an image contains, resizing will not create new pixels, and will only make each pixel larger by stretching it. The only way to ensure picture-perfect high-quality printing of your photos and images is to start with a high-resolution image.

There will be no import tax and custom duty issues for shipments to US addresses. There will also be no import tax and custom duty issues for shipments to Australia (on orders of up to $850.00 excluding shipping costs), Canada (on orders of up to $18.00 excluding shipping costs) and to UK and EU countries (on orders of up to $300.00 excluding shipping costs shipped via standard shipping method). For all other international shipments and conditions, recipients are responsible for any custom duty or taxes imposed by that country, which is collected by the carrier upon delivery, if any. Please check with your local government agency or contact us for more information.

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