How To Make Glow In The Dark Playing Cards?

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In the past few years, some customers have asked about make glow in the dark playing cards, and they have different requirements. Suntree Printing has made some attempts for different materials and used different workmanship. We also bought some glow in the dark playing cards from the market. In order to make a better glow in the dark effect, this card generally uses a dark background color. Now let’s take a look:

1. Paper Glow In The Dark Playing Cards

There are two kinds of production processes for paper glow in the dark  playing cards. 

1.1 CMYK Printing + UV Printing

After ordinary CMYK printing, a layer of transparent fluorescent ink is printed on top of it. This kind of card is usually green or yellow-green color.

The efficiency of such production is relatively high, and the pass rate of the finished product is also acceptable. The bigger problem is the alignment during the second overprint. After the paper passes through the printing machine once, the paper will be slightly bent. The humidity of the paper will also change after being heated inside the printing press. In this way, the second printing plate produced based on the original size cannot be accurately overprinted on the bent paper.

1.2 UV Screen Printing

The other way is to use UV screen printing to directly mix color fluorescent toner and print directly.

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