Paper glow in the dark playing cards

How To Make Glow In The Dark Playing Cards?

In the past few years, some customers have asked about make glow in the dark playing cards, and they have different requirements. Suntree Printing has made some attempts for different materials and used different workmanship. We also bought some glow in the dark playing cards from the market. In order to make a better glow in the dark effect, this card generally uses a dark background color. Now let’s take a look:

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How Playing Cards is Made?

Background Playing cards are flat, rectangular pieces of layered pasteboard typically used for playing a variety of games of skill or chance. They are thought to have developed during the twelfth century from divination implements or as a derivative of chess. Cards are produced by the modern printing processes of lithography, photolithography, or gravure. In the future, more computerized methods will likely be adopted promising to generate a substantial increase in the playing card manufacturing industry.

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